Christian Lacroix Belle Rives Canisses Piscine FCL049 03
$306.02 /m
A panoramic voyage of some of the best known homes and personalities throughout the history of the French Riviera. From the eccentricities of a leopard skin cut velvet to a stunning printed palm forest, as well as a dramatic, digitally printed recreation of the jewels stolen in the famous 50s Hitchcock heist 'to catch a thief'.

The collection includes versatile designs for your home from a minimal interpretation of cascading rings, which is available as both a beautiful wide-width voile and a crisp printed cotton, to painterly contemporary checks and stripes.

This broad group of designs is saturated with the key colours of this sparkling coastline, whether bougainvillea flowers or vibrant citrus, and often sees designs invented in both luxury executions and very practical cottons so we can all enjoy the magic of lacroix.
1400 cm
Stain Repellent, Anti Allergenic, High Durability
93% Viscose
7% Silk